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Yasaman Salehi” was born in Tehran and graduated from the faculty of dentistry. Yasaman’s father, as a plastic surgeon, performed cosmetic plastic surgeries on her body and face to make Yasaman more beautiful and more attractive, upon her own request.

A while ago, Yasaman chose USA to live in, and started working there as a clothing model, but after a short time, she returned to Iran continuing her work as a model. Yasaman’s family strongly advised her to pay attention to education alongside the work of modeling, and thus, listening to their advice, she graduated in field of dentistry.

Yasaman has chosen Iran to study beside the work of modeling, and decided to return to USA after completing the schedule course of dentistry, in order to pursue her both jobs there. She claims that living in Iran is easier than USA, and if she cannot leave Iran for any reason, she would stay and continue both dentistry and clothing modeling in Iran.

After meeting with Yasaman, I put my thoughts together and reviewed my point of view to find that the face of Yasaman as a woman is the border of her feminine world. She is actually emphasizing on the existence of her sexuality by bolding (heavy makeup) or deformation of her facial components. Hence, the desire for "looking beautiful", which is one of the most important motives for self-makeup, obviously exists in Yasaman's soul.

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Mahya Rastegar
Mahya RastegarAssociate Photographer

Iran - Middle East

2015-11-27 00:00:00

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