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posterreOver the past 10 years New Vision Productions Inc. has performed an essential role in the conception, execution, and realization of numerous documentaries, short and feature films. We at NVP, have produced documentaries focused on human rights issues in three continents. Comfortably Numb was been shot in a restricted slum of Dharavi in India with a focus on child malnutrition in India.

Man on The Line, was shot in Canada with a focus of mandatory migration and refugee’s journey into Canada. Unshaved was shot in Libya during the last battle of Sert—city of Muammar Gaddafi— wit an intricate focus on the childhood of Libyan children during the revolt. NVP was also involved in the production of the 2010 feature film Weightless Weight, and season 1 of the Miniseries Transit. New Vision Productions is currently producing the season 2 of the Miniseries Transit which will be released towards the end of 2016.

Our Team shows constant dedication and passion towards their tasks, and they are devoted to fulfilling their designated missions. We have worked tirelessly on our mission to find innovative professionals who are at the forefront of their respective disciplines, and to provide our clients with the level of excellence that they deserve.Moreover, we have provided multi-media productions with producers, advisors, programmers, and other vital crew members. We at NVP hope to participate in new and future projects; and our creative professionals are ready to work, and eager to make strides in multi-disciplinary projects.

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