Wander in a strange land
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Wander in a strange land

October 7, 2016

Alireza Goudarzi

This ongoing project focuses on refugees and Non-status Afghan which is a crisis in Iran.

It has been more than a decade since the United States began the war in Afghanistan, with the mission and message of “a safe world”. However, the only possible path for survival that many Afghans have is to flee from their homeland and escape to Iran; as unofficial immigrants. Due to their legal status in Iran, they face many limitations. Thus, they mostly have no choice other than finding simple labor jobs, which are predominantly under wage. As a result, one of the most favored jobs acquired by Afghan immigrants in Iran is gathering and separating waste.

Among the recruited workers one often sees family men, young boys, and children. They work almost all the hours of a day in the worst possible environment for human health. Just to send money to Afghanistan; in order to make a home for living. The inhuman labor conditions are the catalyst for the violence of caused by the Afghan war immigrants. Kids grow in this environment to adolescence, young individuals get old; and the result is a small profit which is insufficient for any form of living.


Tehran, Iran

Human Rights

2015 – Present

New Vision Productions INC

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