Internal migration- (Extended)


Today, given the increasing population growth, marginalization has become a problem for most of the world's small and large cities. The marginalization in Iran is due to population growth and the increase of rural-urban migration due to the lack of job opportunities in villages, especially due to drought. The successive events have been dramatic in the last 20 years and marginalization in Iran is one of the major social problems. According to the official statistics of the Ministry of Urban Development, about 19 million people are on the sidelines of the city and informally and without access to many Facilities such as Health, Education, Occupation and Dangers such as Smuggling, Addiction, and Prostitution And robbery and ... This means that from every four Iranian people, one person lives in an informal settlement and is marginalized and deprived of many basic rights and living conditions.

The province of Sistan and Balouchestan has the highest number of marginalized people in Iran, and according to official statistics, about 3 million people in the province have about 1.5 million marginal inhabitants. The Chabahar port in the southernmost part of the province and at the southern tip of Iran And is in the Pakistani neighborhood as the only Iranian oceanic port, one of the most prosperous economic zones in Iran, and is ranked first in marginalization in Iran; about 70,000 people from the 112-thousandth population of Chabahar, in the region of 1200 acres in the margin City live. Most people on the sidelines of the city are involved in work such as laborers on fishing vessels, smuggling of fuel, and sometimes shopping, and labor ...

Mahdi Barchian
Mahdi BarchianAssociate Photographer

Iran - Sistan and Baluchestan - Middle East

2018-10-20 17:15:23

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