Kianoush Saadati

Kianoush Saadati

  • Documentary Photographer
  • Visual Researcher

Selected Recognitions

  • Pulitzer Center Grantee
  • NVP Grant  2018

Kianoush Saadati is a documentary photographer and visual researcher with a focus on humanitarian issues.

He was born on August 12th, 1990 in Gorgan, Iran, and holds an MSc. in Applied Chemistry. After finishing university, and due to his academic background and his passion for visual storytelling, Saadati conducted a number of visual research projects on environmental pollution. Subsequently, in 2018, and after only two years of being active in the field, he won the Grand Photography Workshop award of NVP Images (Canada) for his project which demonstrated the issue of microwave pollution in Tehran. Since then, he has joined NVP Images as a photo contributor.

Saadati mostly works on long-term projects in his province of Golestan. He plans to gather enough visual evidence to address and demonstrate the invisible negative impact of environmental pollution on human life and the planet.

Kianoush has left the agency on Sept 2022, to purist different path and goals. We wish you all the best in his new journey.  He will continue his relation with agency as a as a photo contributor.

Walking On A Blade

Walking on a Blade is a Group photographic project that seeks to illuminate the less travelled road and to glimpse into the lives and daily struggles of daily workers in the time of Coronavirus.

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Project Winner of 2018

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Selected Projects

The Street Vendors

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Gorgan Production Date | 2020-05-21 (2020 Grant recipients of Pulitzer Center) With the emergence of the coronavirus outbreak, the global community has faced many problems and crises. Aside from health issues, economic hardship has become the second-most…

Female Art Instructors

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Gorgan Production Date | 2020-02-12 – (2020 Grant recipients of Pulitzer Center) Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, life has shifted in extraordinary ways. But such trials have always beset the Iranian artistic community due to economic problems and crises,…

Iran Flash-Flood

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Golestan Production Date | 2019-03-24 Severe floods struck Golestan Province of Iran on March 22. The Golestan floods, caused by heavy rains starting on 19 March, have affected a total of 10 cities in northeast Iran (The cities of Gorgan, Bandar Turkman, Azad…

Cooking Humans

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Tehran Production Date | 2019-03-10 The story began with intense headaches, headaches that started after spending several days at my aunt’s house. The horrific sound. The sound of frequencies coming from the BTS antenna in her backyard. It caused an unsettling…

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