Iraqi Refrandom

what is the iraqi refrandom?the hisdtory of kurdish people for finding their freedon back to 100 years ago , Todays in 2017 , the middle east is more closer to creating the changes in the structure and dismember of country from other times , the Kurds see these aspirations and the dream of independence and getting to independence possible and during the last few years , it put under consideration the independence problem from political currents point of view and the general belief in the Kurdistan’s Iraq was that maybe this is the last opportunity of them to getting to the independence , the political manner of Kurdistan leaders in the last few month except the implicit disagree of neighbors and super power but some of internal parties , showing their effort for holding the independence referendum and using this legal right , finally have determined by masoud barzani , the head of autonomous independence and accompany of other internal parties in 25 September 2017 as the date of holding referendum in the Kurdistan’s Iraq and dispute place what is you project about?in this project i try to see this part of kurds history and look at social events and daily life of people before referendum , at the same time and after that and try to capture the real images of future event in few month later and their consequences of them on the todays society of Kurdistan’s Iraq that are consist of achievement , damages and their effort for beginning the new period of history and aspiration life for one hundred years effort what will you photograph?I try to drawing the pictures for the fair look (without any judgement )to the todays society of Kurdistan in Iraq and showing the different aspect of life like the ways of living in changing from traditional to the modern , the social place of women , the political and social change , modern possibility and the method of using them in Kurdistan society and also some part of history that has [20:21, 11/18/2018] yasaman dehmiyani: appearance in the todays war of middle east and show their scramble and discoveryand their wisheshow will your picture look? This is a collection with social theme and overall look to the Kurdistan society .for getting to this overall look . with help to the local contacts and guide of justified people in two years ago by travelling to the different part of Kurdistanand communicating with different layer of society and different people and enter to the private and government centers and local space and social events before referendum , at the same time and after that I will document the shape of todays life of Kurdistan people how will it be presented?After completing the project , I decide to hold a exhibition with cooperation of institution and rule of continent and printing the government books , politician , the support group of women , united nation , NGO , related group . I try to declare the people from this project by cooperation of media institution in the Kurdistan’s Iraq what will we learn from your projecti think people must pay for finding freedom , freedon is right , yes i know ! but i think nobody give it to you you must get it and kurdish people are good sampel and symbol for this idea , they try more than 100 years , they had brutal event like war , displacement , not having cizenship rights , genocides and chemical killing but never give up , My main audience in this project are general thought of people and social and political institution with purposes of sensate their thoughts to the current event in the Kurdistan’s Iraq how will your schedule look like? I’ve been travelling for recording the life of refugee and displacement of daesh war to the climate region of Kurdistan from 2013 to 2016 and I visited several places and my familiarity to the culture and society of Kurdistan and local communication for performing project helped me and cause easy travelling in the corner of Kurdistan so i have plan for traveling in iraqi kurdistan rigularty in next year ( start one month befor refrandom ) for complet my project

Mahdi Barchian
Mahdi BarchianAssociate Photographer

Iraq - Erbil - Middle East

2017-09-08 21:51:20

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