Behind the scene

The who we are

Since 2002, our esteemed organization has been at the forefront of delivering unparalleled expertise and innovative products to media industries around the globe, covering all dimensions of image creation. Our team of extraordinary photographers and videographers has meticulously crafted a compelling portfolio that spans a wide spectrum of significant subjects, including but not limited to humanitarian events, political developments, socio-cultural issues, environmental concerns, women’s empowerment, mental health, and natural calamities, complemented by our coverage of stories from the realm of high society.


Distinguished by our unwavering commitment to authenticity, we stand tall as a vanguard of contemporary values, epitomizing modernity, independence, and universal appeal within the fiercely competitive landscape of digital media. Our diverse ensemble of storytellers, comprising combat witnesses, esteemed editorial photographers, street photographers, and documentary photographers, are internationally acclaimed luminaries in the field of photojournalism. Their unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence have been acknowledged through numerous prestigious international accolades, including but not limited to the POY Award, Pulitzer Grant, Magnum Grant, Noor Grant, and the esteemed Bob & Dine Fund. We assert ourselves with the purpose of effecting change and capturing unique and often elusive images. Despite Iran’s limited accessibility to most legitimate foreign journalists for over four decades, our company possesses an extensive collection of up-to-date work on Iran, as well as other challenging regions in the Middle East.

What We Do

The NVP Images as a dependable visual-distribution agency that caters to a vast range of industries; actively represent, markets, and exhibits the work of its member photographers and welcomes commissions for editorial work and reportage assignments. As visual storytellers, combat witnesses, news-bringers and documentarians, our photographers and videographers are locally sourced with international reputations. They are at the top of their field with the awards to prove it.