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Walking On a Blade:
Life in The Time of Coronavirus

Walking on a Blade: Life in the time of Coronavirus is a collective photobook, and a beautiful assemblage of powerful, captivating imagery, a compendium depicting a profound, moving, and unforgettable age in our shared history.

Walking on a Blade exposes the invisible threats, the risks and struggles of daily workers trying to survive amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus in Iran.

2022 Development Grant

NVP Images is proud to announce the open call for the upcoming Development Grants 2022 will be out in mid Oct. The response we received for every grant was extremely overwhelming. Therefore, after a lot of brainstorming, the structure of this grant has been modified to help the recipients finding better path to walk and fulfill his/her goals in this journey. Aside that, out series of workshop soon to be announced.

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