Development Grant Nominees Announced – 2019

Toronto, Canada, 29 July 2019: The NVP Images is pleased to announce the nominees  for the 2019 development grant. After 6 days of in-depth reviewing the receiving proposals, following individuals were short listed to be considered for the grant:

  1. Darya Nazeri, from Razavi Khorasan Province
  2. Mostafa Mirtaleb, from Mazandaran Province
  3. Azadeh Besharati, from Gilan Province
  4. Salman Sam Daliri, from Mazandaran Province
  5. Masoome Bahrami, from Mazandaran Province

The Winner of this year development grant will be announced  by  Aug 5th, 2019



1. Darya Nazeri


2. Mostafa Mirtaleb


3. Azadeh Besharati


4. Salman Sam Daliri


5. Masoome Bahrami

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