2019 Development Grant Winners

August 4, 2019In NVP Grant, News

NVP Images is proud to announce the results of the Development Grants held on July 2019. The response we received for the same was extremely overwhelming and it was very difficult for us to choose the winners. But a competition has no value without a winner, hence after a lot of brainstorming, we have come up with 2 winners for the Grant of 2019.

The 5 finalists submitted very interesting projects alongside strong ability of photography. After a complete review and followups with the nominees, there were two stronger promising proposed projects. As a result, NVP team decided to split the award between those 2.

The names of the winners are:

  1. Salman Sam Daliri, from Mazandaran Province, with the project on Religion and Human rights.
  2. Masoome Bahrami, from Mazandaran Province, with project on Social Developments and Human rights.


Moreover, we want to congratulate the participants. If your name is not listed as one of the winners do not get discouraged as there will be many more opportunities in the future. Such competitions are a stepping stone and each experience helps you to learn. Hence, a positive attitude is what makes you extraordinary. We hope that you enjoyed participating as much as we enjoyed conducting the competition. We look forward to organizing many more such grants.

1. Salman Sam Daliri


2. Masoome Bahrami