The NVP Development Grants – 2018

February 16, 2018In NVP Grant

The NVP 2018 grant competition will begin accepting applications on Feb 17th , 2018

The NVP Images awards grants to emerging and professional visual documentary photographers, to help them produce, develop and finalize projects that inspire change by addressing topics that are socially significant.  The NVP Development Grant recipient will receive $1000 CAD for the production of the proposed project.  There is a $10 CAD application fee for professional grant applications.

  • روند درخواست گرنت (کمک هزینه مالی) برای عکاسان مستند
  • نام نویسی کاملا آنلاین است و از طریق سایت  صورت می گیرد.
  • نخستین دوره گرنت آژانس عکس با محوریت حقوق بشر و با اولویت: کودکان کار، محیط زیست، نقش زنان در جامعه، مهاجرت و مذهب برگزار می شود.
  • مبلغ کمک هزینه یک هزار دلار کانادایی خواهد بود.
  • مبلغ ثبت نام 40 هزار تومان می باشد.
  • مهلت ثبت نام تا تاریخ شنبه 19 اسفند 1396 است.
  • موارد مورد نیاز:
  • اطلاعات شخصی، سابقه کار، معرفی پروژه پیشنهادی، نمونه کار و پرداخت هزینه
  • اطلاعات شخصی:
  • در فرم دوزبانه سایت، ابتدا اطلاعات مربوط به خودتان را وارد میکنید.
  • رزومه : رزومه ای که تجربیات حرفه ای شما را به نمایش می گذارد و شامل آدرس ایمیل، شماره تلفن همراه ،ادرس سکونت باشد. سپس فایل رزومه کاری (سابقه کاری) خود را آپلود میکنید.  
  • معرف: در این بخش نام و مشخصات فردی شاغل درزمینه هنر و یا مطبوعات را وارد کرده که با شما آشنایی داشته باشد.
  • معرفی پروژه:
  • خلاصه: خلاصه ای از پروژه خود بنویسید که بیش از ۱۰۰ کلمه نباشد.
  • طرح پیشنهادی: برای ارائه یک بخش جدید از کار یا ادامه دادن پروژه هایی که در مراحل اولیه پیشرفت هستند یک طرح پیشنهادی بنویسید که بیش از ۷۰۰ کلمه نباشد.
  • پروژه پیشنهادی در حال اجرا نباید بیشتر از ۲۰ درصد مواد نهایی را داشته باشد.
  • لطفا مشخص کنید که ماهیت پروژه چگونه است، چرا پروژه مهم است و چگونه پروژه را به انتها می رسانید.
  • نمونه کار:
  • تعداد ۲۰ نمونه عکس که شامل، یک مجموعه تکمیل شده و یا پروژه در حال اجراست (۱۲ عکس) به همراه ۸ تك عکس را به شکلی که در پایین توضیح داده شده آماده کرده و به صورت یک فایل فشرده  در سایت آپلود کنید. توجه داشته باشید که عکس های ارسال شده باید توانایی شما برای انجام پروژه پیشنهادیتان را نشان بدهد.
  • اگر عکسی ارسال می کنید که به طرح پیشنهادی شما مربوط نیست، باید عکس ها طی ۲ سال گذشته گرفته شده باشند.
  • عکس ها باید  ، با رزولوشن 72 (دی پی ای)  و طول عکس نهایتا 3000 پیکسل باشد.
  • تمامی عکس ها باید حاوی کپشن و توضیحات در قسمت metadata/exif باشند.
  • حجم عکس نباید بیشتر از 3 مگابایت باشد.
  • برای نام گذاری عکس ها از این روش پیروی کنید: حرف اول نام خانوادگی+ حرف اول نام +شماره عکس
  • به طور مثال:
  • David Leen: LD01, LD02, LD03
  • هزینه ثبت نام:
  • هزینه ثبت نام 40 هزار تومان می باشد
  • شماره کارت 6037 9971 0837 4605
  • بانک ملی ایران، به نام یاسمن ده میانی
  • تصویر فیش ارسالی را در فرم ثبت نام آپلود کنید

Photographers and visual journalists based in Iran may apply for this Grant. Proposals for projects that have already received grants or awards are not eligible. The Grant is made to an individual photographer.


 Preferred Subjects:

Climate change and environmental issues, religion, child labor, internal migration, and women empowerment are preferred subjects for the proposed project. Although applicants are free to apply with any subject matters under category of social issues and human rights.


 Important Days:

  1. Deadlines
    The application deadline for the Development Grant is Saturday, March 10, 2018 at midnight Eastern U.S. Time.
  2. Winners Announcement
    Winners will be announced by Saturday, March 24, 2018.


 Application Procedure

Registration is completely online and through NVPIMAGES.COM. Your application must include the items listed as following. Once your required package is ready, you need to create a zip file and upload it directly into your online application. Zip file name should contain your Last name+ First name + 2018;

Example: David Leen zip file will be:


Submitted zip file contains written elements alongside images. Also you need to upload the copy of the entry fee receipt (as an image) in to the specified upload location.

A. Written Elements

  1. Synopsis: In not more than hundred (100) words, write a synopsis of your project.
  2. Proposal: A written proposal of not more than 700 words to produce a new body of work or continue and finalize the projects those are in the early stage of progress. The proposed ongoing projects must have no more than 20% of the final material.  Please specify, what is the nature of the project, why the project is important, and how you will accomplish the project.
  1. Resume: A resume that outlines your professional accomplishments and includes your email address, phone numbers and address along with the names, titles and phone number of one (1) references.


B. Photographs – What and How To Submit

Submit a body of work consisting a previous series or ongoing projects of UP TO twelve (12) photographs, alongside 8 single images. Submitted photographs should demonstrate your ability to accomplish your proposed project. If you submit photos that are not related to your proposal, they must have been taken within the past two (2) years.

Digital Image Specifications

  • Save each image as an RGB file. Do not use CMYK.
  • The final image resolution should be 72 DPI, with maximum dimensions of 3000 pixels along its longest side.
  • Save each image as a JPEG file, with a Photoshop JPEG quality level of at least ‘6’ or ‘good’ (in other programs this same level is called 75%).
  • Each image must have a caption in the file’s metadata/exif caption field.
  • File size for a single photograph should be no more than 3 MB

*Manage your images by starting with the series then 8 singles. Images should be named with following instruction:

First letter of your last name + First letter of your name + number of the image

Example: David Leen images would be:  LD01, LD02, LD03


C. Application fee

we accept the equivalent of $10 CAD in Iranian Rials. application fee should be transferred to the following account and copy of the receipt must be uploaded as a JPG file in the online application.

  • Amount: 400,000 Rial
  • Account Number: 6037 9971 0837 4605
  • Bank Name: Bank Meli Iran
  • Name of the account holder:Yasam Dehmiyani

Ethical Standards

The NVP follows ethical photojournalistic standards as set forth by organizations such as the World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International and NPPA. Images may not be altered to change the structural integrity of photographed scenes.

*We reserve the right to request raw or untoned .jpg files of submitted images from entrants who judges select as finalists, with the goal of ensuring the integrity of those images. If you cannot provide raw or untoned files, you may be ineligible to receive an NVP grant.


Expectations of Grant Recipients

Development Grant recipients will produce a substantial body of work under supervision of a team member of the NVP, on the project they’ve proposed within 6 months of signing the grant agreement. Grant recipients will submit sixty high resolution images at the conclusion of the project to the NVP Images. Grant recipients will consider images made during the entirety of their project in choosing the 60 images and will consult with the NVP Chair to create the selection. The goal of the 60-image selection is to reflect the full scope of the recipients’ project. Images must have captions.  Recipients must also submit a document that outlines how they completed the project. NVP reserve the right of the first publication and display of the project. All grant recipients will credit The NVP Images when works from their submitted portfolios or final projects are published. The credit line shall read: Photographer/NVP Images or the equivalent.


Grant of Rights

All applicants understand, acknowledge and agree that should they be awarded a Grant, said Grant recipient retains the copyright to his/her photograph(s), and fully grants permission, and Licensing to NVP Images (New Vision Productions Inc.), affiliates and their designees an irrevocable, non-exclusive perpetual royalty-free license to use, copy, publish, distribute, screen and display such Grant-related photographs, photo stories, picture essays, multimedia or photo-documentary projects, in any and all manner, form/medium/media now known or hereafter created, and in any publication, advertising, marketing, venue or program sponsored or authorized by the Images for the advancement of its mission and goals, including but not limited to educational, promotional and fundraising purposes at the Images’s sole discretion, without additional permission or consideration, or notification to the Grant recipient or any third party.

Each applicant warrants and represents that every photograph submitted with such applicant’s Grant entry is his/her own original work and that he/she has the unrestricted right to grant to the Images the license described above.


NVP Grants will be awarded subject to these additional terms:

  • The license granted herein by the applicant to the Images for use of photographs submitted with the applicant’s NVP Grant application shall be extended in all its terms to all works created by the applicant in the course of any project funded in any part by the applicant’s NVP Grant.
  • Each applicant shall agree to reasonable requests by the Images to present such applicant’s work and/or represent the Images at photography workshops, seminars and/or conventions, provided that any necessary expense associated with such presentations is paid by the Images.
  • Each applicant shall be deemed to have consented to the use of his/her name, portrait, and/or picture by the Images in promotional and public relations materials or for any other purpose related to the NVP Grant program or the Images.
  • Each applicant shall be responsible for determining his or her own tax liability arising from acceptance of the NVP Grant, and for satisfaction of any such liability.