Vanishing Point


Majid Hamed Haghdoust

NVP Workshop Attendee
Tehran 2017

During the past two decades, severe drought has affected the climate and residents’ life and economic opportunities in the south-eastern area of Iran. In this region, those residing in the rural area of Sistan-Baluchistan, and Kerman province struggle with a number of challenges, which has been aggravated by the extreme weather including extreme heat and drought. The list of challenges is endless, including chronic hunger and malnutrition; lack of access to shelter; lack of access to potable water and sanitation facilities; lack of access to medical services; low rates of school attendance and literacy; serious protection issues, significant health related concerns, and lack of access to healthcare facilities, while many people live on less than a dollar per day.

In this condition, considering the extreme poverty and poor hygiene level, children are particularly exposed to risks of health.  Low level of education and traditional cultural practices among these populations impact their health care and health awareness level. Children of cousin-marriage, which is prevalent in the region, suffer from extreme genetic disorders. Harsh weather condition in this arid area has increased the rate of respiratory diseases, especially among children. The photos are taken in two villages of Kerman and Sistan-Baluchistan Province where drought have eventually deteriorated the life condition and put children at serious risks.


Province Of Kerman, Iran
Province Of Baluchistan, Iran

Climate Change

March 2017

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