Cooking Humans- (Extended)


The story began with intense headaches, headaches that started after spending several days at my aunt’s house. The horrific sound. The sound of frequencies coming from the BTS antenna in her backyard. It caused an unsettling fear, one that gave me a chill, and took my sleep away. This awful and stressful experience has attracted my attention to the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) or Cell Site Antennas, their unending spread, their direct and indirect effects, and the harm they bring to human life.

With the arrival of mobile phone technology, and the widespread demand for internet connections, wildly competitive telecommunication companies, to gain more market shares, have demanded an unprecedented increase in BTS antennas. As a result, we are observing an almost fungal and exponential growth of BTS antennae throughout our cities, on the roof of buildings, in backyards, and even playgrounds. In the city. Due to over-population the many high-rise buildings, the number of these antennae is significantly higher. These antennas are spreading microwaves all over the place 24/7 day and night. The most critical problems, created by these continuous pulses of microwave pollution are infertility, congenital disabilities, cancer, miscarriage, and genetic mutation. The most vulnerable individuals in danger are pregnant women and their fetuses. These waves directly affect their health.

Genetic mutations generated by microwaves, have a direct effect on the immune system and the reproductive systems of humans and animals and are one of the most severe predicaments faced by the modern world. Many nations are currently trying to limit these waves and also reduce their effects. In Iran, there are no specified rules in the constitution to reduce the malicious effects caused by microwaves, and political issues impede the possibility for import and use of modern equipment. As a result, the genetic mutations in childbirth are increasing. Unfortunately, in a society faced with such rapid growth in population, mostly due to its governmental policies, the testing of genetic changes is not readily available for the most vulnerable of many families. These families cannot afford a test because of the high cost of genetic tests. For them, the hope of creating life has become one of anxiety and frustration.

"This project has developed through the 2018 Tehran Workshop of NVP by Kianoush and received the best project award of the workshop. Then during the 3 months, he completed the project under supervision of the NVP Team and finalized it by March 2019." 

Kianoush Saadati
Kianoush SaadatiDocumentary Photographer

Iran - Tehran - Middle East

2019-04-03 10:00:50

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