It’s all about the light – (Extended)


We get a lot of dim light up here in the northern hemisphere. Although it’s not so bad in southern Ontario (the province where I live in Canada), we do spend a great part of our year with short “daylight” hours and a minimal amount of direct sunlight, due to cloud cover. As a photographer, I can’t begin to describe how important sunlight is to me. The very word “photography” is Greek for writing with light. Albeit, I won’t get into the many details and intricacies of my favourite wave-particle. I will say that having spent decades dealing with light through photography, I have learned many things about it, and it has become ever more interesting with every photograph that I make. Anyway, as you can see, I’m an aficionado of light. Every now and then, I stumble upon a moment when the light appears perfect. Furthermore, if I happen to be in right place, then the opportunities for making nice photos becomes abundant. This particular series is all about such a beautiful moment.

It was a warm and sunny June afternoon in downtown Toronto. The sun was at a perfect angle, it was positioned perfectly so that its rays could bounce off of the many reflective glass panels of the clustered high-rises in the center of Toronto. I was there, camera in hand, and ready to seize the moment. These are the images that I captured. These photos are not great, but I was paying attention to the light. Warm, luminous, glowing light, and the deep shadows that fall away from it, that was my focus. Appreciating light is the first step to capturing great photos. I have an app on my phone that tells me when the magic hour and blue hour will occur anywhere in the world (technology is amazing). Finally, with every photo that I capture I learn something new, and I love to learn.

Marcel Gerou
Marcel GerouVisual Storyteller

Toronto, Canada

2017-06-13 21:03:19

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