Maryam, The Driving Instructor (Extended)


Maryam Rezaie, 58, from Tehran, Married. She has been a driving instructor for almost twenty-one years and has been assisting her family members in providing them with financial needs. Her income varies according to the hours she instructs. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, her job had been suspended until recently.

Even nowadays that she is back to work, the current situation caused by the coronavirus disease has drastically decreased the number of people, particularly women, seeking driving instruction. Therefore, she still feels the financial pressure as her income has dropped significantly. Moreover, wearing a mask and gloves has added more difficulties to the previous challenge of wearing a hijab and has brought up a new fear of getting infected while instructing.

Mehdi Fazlollahi
Mehdi FazlollahiNews Photographer

Middle East, Iran, Tehran

2020-04-02 10:25:40

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