Project Location | Middle East, Canada, Niagara Falls
Production Date | 2019-12-12

The global climate has changed dramatically as a result. The environment of our paradisal planet has become erratic and unbalanced. The sensitive equilibrium on which we thrived on is gone. The polar icecaps have diminished in size, though there is an unpredictable climate of extreme cold overtaking the northern and southern parts of our planet. It feels like a nuclear winter but without the a-bombs.

Our seas are desolate; there are no more fish, coral, or plankton. The last living sea mammal died recently at an aquatic amusement park. All that’s left in our immense oceans are toxic algal blooms and human-made waste.

The year is 2120 C.E.

During a recent expedition to one of the northernmost regions of our world, a group of ecologists uncovered a treasure trove of cryopreserved remains. Extinct aquatic creatures encapsulated by ice. Unfortunately, most of the samples retrieved contain a disproportionate amount of human-made plastic waste.

2120 C.E. is a conceptual and hypothetical visual project. It depicts and describes events that have not happened yet. However, if, as a species, we continue to be oblivious towards the state of our fragile ecosystems and continue to treat our precious oceans and planet with such disregard, then this foretelling may come to pass, and it will affect us all.