The Scale Company


Due to the decrease in traffic on Iranian roads as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic and the practice of self-isolation, Ali; 55 years old 1-year contract manager at the scale company, has nothing to do but to watch his favorite program on TV. He shares this one-man show position with Arash, which each one takes a 24-hour shift. This place used to be very busy, but now, time stands still for the attendees.

TouzinGostar scales(weigh-bridge) is located on Buin Zahra-Qazvin road and operate around the clock to weigh the trucks for determining the amount of their cargo in 2 stages, full and empty. The Buin Zahra-Qazvin road is one of the busiest routes due to its location on the Iranian transit highway. It has become semi-closed these days as the prevalence of coronavirus has intensified, and the income has dropped to about one-twentieth.

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Mehran Mafi Bordbar
Mehran Mafi BordbarDocumentary Photographer

Middle East, Iran, Qazvin

2021-01-02 10:51:53

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