Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Gilan  
Production Date | 2018-2019

With the increase in population, the issue of waste and its recycling has become a serious issue that needs immediate attention. Specially in north part of Iran, There is a lack of waste separation and wrong depot of it in different regions, while developed countries have easily solved this problem by educating the social culture and huge investment to turn a serious problem to job creation opportunities and energy production.

In the shade of such dirty and hectic appearance, a much more dangerous flow than destruction has begun a disaster slowly and silently. Garbage stock has destroyed the soil due to its inherent high acidity in addition of the high environmental pollution and the threat to the health of human and wildlife.

This harm is even more bitter, in the areas nearby Hirkani forests with a 40 million years old. The acidity of the filthy water has dried up a large number of trees. The penetration of filthy water into running and groundwater and the continued use of these waters, both for domestic and agricultural needs, in recent years has led to the spread of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as well as skin diseases for humans and a has had a negative impact on the growth and reproduction of aquatics.

So far in Iran no serious attempt is made to separate the waste from the source of its production, and this false cycle continues until the end.