Exploring Coastal Diversity

February 15, 2024In Artist Talk, Workshop, News

Workshop Series in North and South Iran

The fourth section of our workshop series unfolded against the backdrop of contrasting coastal landscapes, traversing both northern and southern provinces of Iran. Kicking off in the southern city of Bandar Abbas, situated along the picturesque shores of the Persian Gulf, participants were immersed in the vibrant culture of this bustling port city, which serves as the capital of Hormozgan province. Continuing the journey northward, the next destination was the enchanting city of Rasht, nestled in the heart of Gilan province and renowned for its cultural dynamism and scenic beauty along the Caspian Sea coastline. Pooyan Tabatabaei, our esteemed main speaker, graced both workshops with his presence. In Bandar Abbas, he was accompanied by Ali Sooteh, an accomplished NVP photographer, while in Rasht, Mehran Mafi Bordbar, photographer, instructor, and project coordinator, joined Pooyan, along with Mehdi Fazlollahi and Yasaman Dehmiyani, NVP photographers.

Throughout this series, leveraging Pooyan’s illustrious 25-year body of work, participants were challenged to perceive their subjects through a new lens, discover their own unique voice and narrative, and explore approaches to storytelling. The workshops delved into topics ranging from work ethic and human ethics to the importance of global narratives and the multidisciplinary nature of artistic expression.¬†The workshops proved to be fruitful endeavors, met with enthusiasm and appreciation from participants. In this section, NVP Images collaborated with esteemed partners including Binesh Institute, Hormozgan Photographers Association, and Arghavan Gallery, further enriching the experience and fostering creative exchange.