Workshop Series Unveils Cultural Gems

February 2, 2024In Artist Talk, Workshop, News

Exploring the Heart of Iran: Third Section of Workshop Series

The third section of our workshop series embarked on a journey through the heart of Iran, covering its central provinces. Pooyan Tabatabaei, our primary instructor and lecturer, accompanied by Mehran Mafi Bordbar, our photographer, instructor, and project coordinator, led the expedition. Joining them were Yasaman Dehmiyani, Ali Sooteh, and Mehdi Fazlollahi, NVP photographers, collectively traveling over 900 kilometers across three provinces to conduct three workshops catering to over 250 eager participants.

This phase of our workshop series commenced at the dawn of 2024, with our team hitting the road by January 8th, eager to embark on a captivating exploration of central Iran. Our workshop series ventured into the vibrant tapestry of central Iran, unveiling the cultural gems nestled within its famed cities. Beginning in the illustrious city of Isfahan, renowned for its rich history, architectural marvels, and cultural heritage, the first workshop set the stage for an enlightening journey through the realms of visual storytelling. Moving onward, the expedition found itself in Shiraz, the poetic capital of Iran, where the second workshop unfolded amidst the city’s literary ambiance, celebrated poets, and storied past of love and literature. The final leg of this phase led our team to the ancient city of Qazvin, steeped in tradition and renowned for its bustling bazaars and enriching culture. Here, amidst the historical backdrop, the third workshop took place, adding another layer of depth to our exploration of visual storytelling.

During these workshops, our instructors, led by Pooyan Tabatabaei, showcased a diverse array of projects, placing a particular emphasis on the elements of visual storytelling, multidisciplinary approaches, and innovative techniques in documentary photography. They delved into the significance of local stories with global impacts, offering participants insights into the power of storytelling in shaping perceptions and fostering connections across borders. The workshops resonated strongly with participants, garnering enthusiastic reception and contributing to a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives. This section of the workshops was made possible through collaboration and sponsorship from esteemed partners including Binesh Institute, Isfahan Youth Cinema Association, Isfahan Photo Center, Applied Scientific Training Center of the Islamic Society of Workers of Isfahan Province, Soote Professional Photography Equipment, and Mim Art Cultural Institute.