Wrapping Up the Workshop Series in Gorgan

March 29, 2024In Workshop, News, Artist Talk

As the Iranian New Year, Nowrouz, approached on March 20th, we concluded our photography workshop series in the 1402 (Solar Calendar) year with a final destination in the city of Gorgan, nestled within Golestan Province. Known for its diverse culture and renowned cuisine, Gorgan provided an enriching backdrop for the culmination of our journey. Set amidst the serene beauty of a picturesque garden, our workshop in Gorgan proved to be a fruitful gathering. Led by Pooyan Tabatabaei, our main instructor, alongside Mehran Mafi Bordbar, NVP photographer, lecturer, and project coordinator, and Mahdi Barchian, another talented NVP photographer, the discussions delved into various aspects of photography and storytelling.

The workshop focused on essential topics such as idea development, approaching subjects, exploring diverse narratives, and embracing multidisciplinary storytelling techniques. Additionally, ethical considerations within the realm of photography and the workspace were explored, fostering insightful conversations among participants. Pooyan shared his wealth of firsthand experience, drawing from his 25 years in the field and his role as a photographer, and a photo editor. Mehran contributed academic insights, guiding discussions with precision and clarity, while Mahdi shared valuable mentorship experiences, enriching the learning environment with practical wisdom.

The workshop was met with enthusiasm and energy, characterized by lively conversations and a collaborative spirit among participants. This section of the workshops was made possible through collaboration and sponsorship from esteemed partners including Binesh Institute, Cinema Moje-No Institute, and Sepenta Advertising Center, further enhancing the workshop experience and fostering creative exchange.