The Loss of Oral History Won the Bob and Diane Foundation Grant

November 20, 2020In News

We are delighted to announce that, Jalal Shamsazaran’s powerful and profound narrative, done under the supervision of the NVP Team, went as far as winning the prestigious Bob and Diane Foundation Grant. Jared Soares, Judge for the 2020 award, described Jalal’s work as :

“Jalal’s work has such a strong narrative. His distinct voice tells a strong personal story. The images, such as the car and the coat hanging on the line, were unexpected and refreshing ways to interpret these scenes.” 

Jalal Shamsazaran revealed moving and yet meaningful historical difficulties through the eyes of someone with Alzheimer’s disease. The presupposition of the forgetfulness of the disease and history has made its magic, and you see its trace all over the pieces.


  • The Loss of Oral History
    What bothers my father is not forgetting, but instead, it is remembering. Often my 83-year-old father recalls and relives the 1915 invasion of Tabriz by Russia, the death of soldiers and holy fighters of the democratic party in Azerbaijan, the central government killing fathers as their sons bared witness, the snowy days they had to walk from home to the workplace, and lots of other old happenings that always make my father bursts into tears as he remembers them. My father and my aunt are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, a path that my grandfather had taken as well. This disease is hereditary in our family. My father’s present condition may end up being my own in the future.


  • Bob and Diane Foundation
    Gina Martin, created a visual storytelling grant related to Alzheimer’s & dementia in memory of my parents. Our goal is to bring visual understanding and dialogue to a disease that has been in the shadows for far too long. As a daughter of Alzheimer’s, I believe that visual storytelling can be a powerful way to advocate for the increased public and private research and spending needed to find a cure.

NVP Agency facilitates important and thought-provoking projects and makes the extra effort to incorporate all the potentials. This has resulted in its name being associated with many prestigious awards and grants.