Saying Goodbye to Kianoush Saadati

September 20, 2022In News

Kianoush Saadati, one of NVP’s best photographers, is saying goodbye to the NVP Images Agency. Kianoush has helped NVP on many documentaries and visual research projects, especially the ones focusing on humanitarian issues. Living in the province of Golestan, Kianoush has been working with NVP Images as a photo contributor since 2018. 

Kianoush was born on August 12th in Gorgan, Iran. Due to his academic background, an MSc. in applied Chemistry, he got interested in working on pollution-related projects to hopefully bring public awareness to the matter. He used his passion and talent for visual storytelling and conducted several projects with pollution as his primary focus. Two years of effort got him the Grand Photography Workshop Award of NVP Images (Canada). Afterward, he joined our agency and started working on various projects, primarily long-term ones, to demonstrate the invisible impacts of environmental pollution on our lives. 

Recently, Kianoush has decided to pursue other goals for which we have to part ways. As a result, our journey together is coming to an end on September 2022. Of course, he will still continue his cooperation as a photo contributor with the agency. 


Best of luck on all your endeavors, Kianoush. 
It was a privilege working with you.