Hooshang Ebtehaj Funeral

August 24, 2022In News

Undoubtedly, the passing of the remarkable poet, well-known and well-received among the Iranian people, has been a devastating blow to all of us. Yasaman Dehmiyani, Ali Sooteh, and Mehran Mafibordbar from NVP Images were in charge of covering the funeral news and incidents in Tehran and Rasht. 

Hoshang Ebtehaj was a renowned poet and university teacher who taught his students and also most of us the language of love, presence and meaning. No wonder his funeral was filled with a great number of people mourning the loss of a national treasure.

In fact, the funerals turned out more overwhelming than expected. Our reporters managed to cover different aspects of the funeral with utmost care and attention. Despite the overwhelming shock and sadness, the NVP Images team took action quickly and got themselves to the mourning sites to take the very first shots. 

Many in the crowd broke into tears, and many mourned the loss of a literary genius whose empty seat will be noticed from now on in the unwell and restrained cultural communities. There is absolutely no doubt that the pen name of ‘Sayeh’ (Shadow) will be forever remembered with ‘Arghavan’ alongside the astounding power to move us to tears with only a few simple and yet profound, meaningful words. May his soul rest in peace. 

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