School Presentation with the Education Team at the Pulitzer Center

June 10, 2020In News, Educational

Today, we had a zoom presentation held by the Education Team at the Pultizer Center for middle school classes for the kids of 12 to 14 in Washington. The presenters were Pooyan Tabatabaei and Yasaman Dehmiyani. They talked about the importance of knowing about other cultures for 30 minutes, and the kids loved it! 

Culture is an undeniable defining criterion in sociological studies. By knowing about different countries, their people, and their culture, we are giving ourselves a chance to broaden our horizons and understand one another on a more profound level. That is exactly why it is important to teach our kids about diversity and different cultures across the globe. 

For that reason, the Pultizer’s Education Team was very impressed by the impact of our work. Consequently, They were eager to continue their collaboration, and further presentations on cultural studies for 30 minutes are barely enough to scratch even the surface of such a broad subject. 

They were also kind enough to show their appreciation and thanked us many times for the presentation. They were particularly grateful for Ms. Yasaman Dehmiyani’s inclusion in the conversation. Also, we were very lucky to receive several thank you notes from parents and school faculty that warmed our hearts.  NVP Images is not just a simple agency; we care about people, and it reflects on every project we do.