Artist Talk Series

December 8, 2023In News, Artist Talk

NVP Images is pleased to announce a distinguished series of Artist Talks, which aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences with a specific focus on the documentary and news field in Iran.

Over the course of the upcoming three months, Pooyan Tabatabaei and his esteemed colleagues will be conducting these enlightening talks in fifteen cities throughout Iran. During these engaging sessions, participants will have the privilege of gaining insights from Pooyan Tabatabai, the revered director and photographer of NVP Images in Canada, alongside his accomplished peers. Drawing upon their extensive collective experience spanning a quarter century in the domains of education, media, news, and publishing on an international scale, these experts will provide a multifaceted perspective on various subjects.

This immersive three-hour workshop offers a precious opportunity for participants to acquire invaluable knowledge. Through the presentation of select projects, Pooyan Tabatabai will provide a concise, yet comprehensive overview of essential concepts such as effective presentation techniques, the intricate challenges of idea formulation and execution, the artistry of visual storytelling, the development of individual perspectives, navigation of the ever-evolving world of new media, as well as the intricate intricacies of grant writing and the successful procurement of international funding.



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