Ali Sooteh

Ali Sooteh

  • Visual Journalist
  • Documentary Photographer

Selected Recognitions

  • NVP Development Grant 2017
  • Pulitzer Center Grantee

Ali Sooteh is an Iranian photojournalist, based in Shiraz, Iran.

Since 2002, he worked with various local news agencies and dailies, and from 2013, he gradually shifted his focus from news to documentary photography and started to work on in-depth environmental projects.

Aside from receiving over 45 local awards and recognition, Sooteh’s photographs have been published in many media outlets, flourished galleries’ walls, and became part of 40 books. In 2017, he won the NVP Images Developing Grant for his climate change project with a focus on deforestation and subsequently became their fellow for a duration of 16 months. In early 2019, he had a major car accident while working on a project and was hospitalized for 3 months and spent another 6 months of recovery at home. In March 2020, he joined NVP Images as an Associate Photographer.


Walking On A Blade

Walking on a Blade is a Group photographic project that seeks to illuminate the less travelled road and to glimpse into the lives and daily struggles of daily workers in the time of Coronavirus.

Latest Updates

Hooshang Ebtehaj Funeral

Hooshang Ebtehaj FuneralAugust 24, 2022In News……

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Walking on a Blade, Recipient of the Pulitzer Fund

Walking on a Blade, Recipient of the Pulitzer FundJuly 10, 2020In News…

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2018 Grant Wrap Up

2018 Grant Wrap UpNovember 20, 2018In NVP Grant, News…

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Selected Projects

Ebtehaj Laid to Rest in Rasht

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Rasht Production Date | 2022-08-27 Houshang Ebtehaj, a distinguished Iranian poet whose small but influential body of work made him a major figure in his own country and in world literature, died on Wednesday in Cologne, Germany. He was 94.The body of…

Afraz & Erfan, The Street Musicians

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Rasht    Production Date | 2020-11-12 – (2020 Grant recipients of Pulitzer Center) Afraz and Erfan live in the city of Rasht in the province of Gilan, in the north of Iran. Before they met, each had been playing music on his own.  Then, in 2016, a mutual…

Azadeh, The Animal Rescuer

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Rasht    Production Date | 2019-06-28 – (2020 Grant recipients of Pulitzer Center) Ms. Azadeh Mahjoub is 39 years old. In 2012, she set up a refuge for injured animals (often dogs and cats) in the suburbs of the city of Rasht (Lakan Shahr region), in the…

Gileh Mardi Wrestling

Project Location | Middle East, Iran, Gilan   Production Date | 2017-12-02 Gileh Mardi Wrestling is an ancient sport in north part of Iran. This game is superbly detailed structured and contains various rules and pinpoints to promote the heroism in Northern Iranian culture. After the bullfight,…

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